We look at each matter differently to determine whether an alternative fee billing structure is appropriate versus the typical hourly arrangement. In some situations, we may recommend an hourly rate, whereas in other situations, we may suggest the form of a fixed fee, fee by deliverable or a retainer fee.

HOURLY - We may recommend that based on the support you need, it is in your best interest that we bill you by the hour.

FIXED FEE - We may recommend that if we are handling a matter or a group of matters for you, that we do that for a sum certain. Fixed fees can be subject to an overall cap paid up front, or they can be a fixed amount per month. The specific nature of any fixed fee arrangement can be tailored to the nature of any given matter.

FLAT FEE BY DELIVERABLE - We may also look at each deliverable you have requested and set a fee for each deliverable. Then based on your needs, we can deliver to you all the deliverables priced out or only select deliverables.

RETAINER FEE - We may also determine that your company has a need for monthly support, and as such we set a number of hours per week or month, at a fixed rate for services rendered.

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