Experienced and Practical

In today’s business environment, the way you conduct your business is as important as the products and services you provide to your clients.

Your job is product excellence, timely performance and responsible service. But, nothing can undermine your efforts more quickly than lapses in compliance with laws and regulations, ethical breaches or employee misconduct that result in lost contracts or issues that tarnish your reputation.

BCG is your partner in protecting your investment, enhancing your ability to compete and establish institutional and cultural values in your company that will sustain your success. Addressing compliance issues proactively does more than just satisfy a legal requirement it makes your business more competitive and distinguishes you against your competitors. It also makes your employees proud to work for such a company.

BCG is a provider of corporate compliance, ethics and legal solutions. BCG provides support in the areas of general business consulting, risk analysis, training, program evaluation,  and investigations. BCG also creates effective Compliance & Ethics Technology (CET) Systems to meet your compliance needs, including systems that help meet requirements imposed on by the U.S. Government, such as personal conflicts of interests and revolving door requirements.

For those businesses that are unable to have internal resources dedicated to legal, compliance or ethics issues, BCG is here to provide dedicated support to you. We will make sure that your time is focused on growing your business while we handle these issues.

The bottom line is that we are here to help you do what’s right!