The Buckles Group is pleased to introduce a compliance service dedicated to Federal alcohol and tobacco permitees.

We recognize that many companies in the alcohol and tobacco industries face similar compliance and legal issues. Consequently, we have developed a unique program that is designed to meet any current needs you have in complying with Federal rules and regulations as well as help you avoid any problems in the future.

Our services include consulting support on matters relating to Federal permits and registrations, record keeping, taxes, business registration, formulas, labels, and Alcohol Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) audits. Additionally we offer employee training on Federal alcohol and tobacco regulations; day-to-day help desk services; periodic newsletters and advisories on new Federal developments; and a variety of other services that can be tailored to meet your needs.

Our goal is to assist you in fully complying with all applicable Federal laws and regulations and to help you successfully interact with the TTB.

We offer the assistance of former TTB officials recruited as subject matter experts and consultants to assist on all your alcohol and tobacco regulatory compliance matters. With years of experience and expertise readily available, we can help you navigate through sometimes complicated and time consuming regulatory requirements and processes, avoid costly and protracted civil actions, including tax assessments, and more importantly, avoid potential permit suspension or revocation. We provide a sustainable means to maintain full compliance with Federal Alcohol and Tobacco Laws and Regulations in a cost efficient and effective manner possible. To achieve this, we rely upon four key Strategies:

  • Advance Preparation: Our self-assessment tool and initial consultation that will help understand how you are doing and what you need to do to avoid major difficulties with TTB. 
  • Specialized Expertise & Extensive Experience: We provide a wide variety of expertise in alcohol & tobacco matters involving technical, regulatory, and legal issues. Our experts have extensive experience in their subject matter areas, providing the additional benefits of knowing TTB’s internal processes and who to contact should a problem arise. Communicating the right information to the right people very often avoids misunderstandings that will save both time and money in producing and marketing your products in full compliance with Federal regulation.
  • Public / Private Collaboration: We seek to operate in a manner that fosters collaboration between the government and businesses, seeking win-win solutions which conform to the true spirit and intent of the law and best serves everyone’s interests.
  • Confidentiality Protection: We also provide legal services that will fall under a protective attorney/client privilege umbrella.

For more information on alcohol and tobacco compliance services, contact [email protected].